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Gym myths: The fitness foods stalling your progress.

Eating for your goals. We all know what fitness people eat. If you are at all interested in sport or fitness you are undoubtedly being bombarded with adverts for "performance foods". Shakes, bars, teas, all kinds of stuff. And you could be totally forgiven for thinking that including these in your diet means faster fat loss, better performance etc. So it's very disappointing when this doesn't happen. Why are some foods and supplements, like protein shakes , so cool, when others, like a tin of fish are completely overlooked? Let's break down my top overrated fitness foods.... Peanut butter. Peanut butter in itself isn't a terrible food choice. The decent ones aren't heavily processed (go for the ones that are just nuts, no sugar and oil added). But there is one thing about peanut butter which is overlooked.... PEANUTS ARE A FAT RICH FOOD, NOT A PROTEIN RICH FOOD. Bodybuilders and some strength athletes eat a lot of peanut butter *when bul