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From training to coaching - shifting my approach

 Health and Fitness is an evolving space. [This is quite a long post. There's a bit of storytime first, but for the TLDR version, scroll down to the subheadings at the bottom which I invite you to consume in any way you prefer] The fitness industry is still relatively new - the science and art of looking after our bodies and minds is in a constant state of growth as our environment, technologies and needs change. It feels like not at all long ago when our only sources of information and guidance were a trip to the family doctor and a written programme from the guy at your nearest gym. When I first qualified as a Personal Trainer, I mentioned to my instructors that I was considering online PT, and they didn't know much about that. Now almost every successful trainer I know is at least offering a hybrid (online/in person) model. In my own practice, I felt a natural evolution, initially away from the face-to-face/Zoom training where I am there for every rep, into a hybrid model th