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Step away from the New Year weight loss.

I was helping my son get ready for school this week, and we discovered that his school trousers would no longer do up. "Oooh, looks like you've done some growing in the holiday!" I said, to which he retorted; "Well, yeah... it IS 2019" Of course. Silly me. How could I not have considered that. On reflection I realised that this is exactly what I would like to say to most people who come to me concerned about festive weight gain. Why the New Year Diet? There's two types of New Year dieters. The first type had resolved to get on a new health kick, to address some unhealthy habits or lose a bit of weight, probably before Christmas. But they left it until New Year, because that's a nice milestone to work with and starting a new regime in the chaos of the holidays is just asking for trouble - it's easier to build routine and discipline when things have calmed down a bit. The others have gained weight over the holidays, and are now worryi