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Fitness goals for women...

...That don't involve getting smaller. I've been thinking about body positive personal training again (OK, you got me, I never stopped...) Specifically because Lift the Bar (a CPD provider for fitness professionals) brought it up recently. It brought me back particularly to goal setting. Goal setting for women. It's often assumed that the reason a woman takes up any kind of "fitness" is to lose weight "tone up", get rid of a body part or otherwise alter the look of her body to one that is normatively considered correct for a women. Often women turn up at a facility and have goals of this type thrust upon them, because that's got to be why they are there, right? But more and more, it's not. Plenty of women are fed up with people telling them to get smaller, and whether you are one of those women, or someone trying to help those women, I'm going to throw you a primer. Not sure what your new goal should be? Not sure what to o