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What did you expect? The stumbling block that could be holding back your fitness.

Getting your mindset right to optimise your workout Mindset is absolutely key in sport and fitness. We know that races are won and workouts are completed based on the mental engagement of the individual. We talk about positivity, visualising success, motivation, accountability - all of those things are important. Today I'm going to talk about expectations. As a coach, I know that managing the expectations of my clients is absolutely key to them getting the most out of their training in the moment, and also their long term resilience. It's really easy to get thrown off your game when you experience something you weren't expecting, and it's good to know what's normal, and what's not. When I introduce an exercise I tell people how it should feel in their body. If I tell you that your glutes are going to be working, your mind goes there, and we build the mind-muscle connection that is an absolute game changer in terms of progress. More broadly, when I int