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Becoming a powerlifter - Getting into my stride.

It's been ages since I updated on my powerlifting journey, so what's been happening?

I did my second competition
Last July in fact. It was the Gloucester and Wiltshire Championships. It was good to get out and compete again, and I felt well prepared by Ryan from Project Barbell.

Good news: I put 40kg on my previous meet total. Which I was pretty happy about.
Annoyances: I was disqualified on my 100kg squat (a pb I'd never even attempted before) for reracking the bar too fast *DOH* and my third deadlift was a bit sloppy. I got 6/9 lifts.

I came away from that meet realising I needed to work harder at getting my head in the game, and not being either stressed or distracted in the competition environment.

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My favourite #squat #bench and #deadlift from yesterday's meet. Thanks to @breaking_barbells for filming @ryangriff_projectbarbell for coaching and handling @swindon_barbell_club for hosting Fab day. #powerlifting A post shared by Claire Salem